Mr. P's Platinum Subscription Service
The Punctilious Mr. P's Gift Box Set- top view
The Punctilious Mr. P's Gift Box Set- top view
Tableau of The Punctilious Mr. P's Gift Boxes

Mr. P's Platinum Subscription Service

Gifts by The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co.

Regular price $320.00

The Punctilious Mr. P's Anthemion palmette logo

Welcome to Mr. P's Platinum Subscription Service. In today's world, almost anything can be delivered to your door. Give the ultimate Gift of Joy to yourself, or someone special. These subscriptions make excellent gifts or convenient experiences for the busy shopper with luxury tastes.

What you get:

  • 1 packet of place cards of your choosing delivered every month.
  • 6 month subscription yields 6 packs of cards. 12 month subscription yields 12 packs of cards.
  • 8 simple card holders, from a choice of silver or black lacquer.
  • First pack of place cards are shipped in our signature anthemion gift box, cushioned with black tissue paper inside. See image. The replenish packs will be shipped in our standard shipping pouchette.
  • Includes Mr. P's complimentary digital calligraphy service. Each packet of cards can be delivered with the guest's names already inscribed from a selection of 6 curated fonts. One less thing for you to do!

How it works:

  • Select 6 month or 12 month subscription service.
  • Shortly after checkout, you will receive an email containing instructions for you, or your recipient, to redeem your monthly service.
  • Let us know what theme you would like to start with for your first set of cards. There are many Illustrated place card themes to choose from here.
  • Each month, just let us know what theme you would like next, and we will ship it out to you.
  • All shipping cost included.

Did you know that you can now order any theme with Menu Cards and Buffet Tags that coordinate with your place cards!