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The Punctilious Mr. P's Gift Box Set
The Punctilious Mr. P's Gift Box Set
The Punctilious Mr. P's Gift Box Set
The Punctilious Mr. P's envelope and note card with gift box

Gift Box

Accessories by Mr. P's

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Great gifts come in great packaging. Purchase a Punctilious Mr. P's gift box wrapped in our signature anthemion pattern, cushioned with black tissue paper inside. Blank note cards are included if you'd like to write your own personalized message, or if you prefer, send your personal message to us and we will happily write it for you and send it along! One less thing for you to do!

  • This is the stand alone Gift Box for purchase. Photo illustrates how contents fit inside. Your place cards and holders can be shipped inside this box when purchased together. 
  • 2 blank note card (in case you need another try)+ envelope + sealing wafer
  • Please place multiple orders if your gifts are going to different destinations.
  • Calligrapher pen not included.

Box size:

  • 5.5" x 4" x 2"

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