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A jar of the Punctilious Mr. P's lemon curd on a marble tabletop with a porcelain tea cup and saucer
A jar of the Punctilious Mr. P's lemon curd, with note card on a marble tabletop with millefeuille
The Punctilious Mr. P's Lemon curd on millefeuille
The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co lemon curd Packaging in muslin pouch

Mr. P's Lemon Curd

Gourmet Foods by The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co.

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Simply Lavish

Lemon Curd is that friend who gets the party started. Why? Because a dollop or a smear changes simple daily fare into festive flavors. Zing your vanilla ice cream with a drizzle; transform the humble pancake into mille-feuille with many smears and layers; or jazz up your muffin with lemon curd and cream cheese icing. Can you feel your imagination perking? The best part is that it's simple and tastes so lavish. 

Made in small gallon batches, it tastes like you had the time to make it yourself.

Mr. P's Lemon Curd is the perfect hostess gift! Send it on ahead of your arrival and be the favorite guest. While we are all sheltering in place, spark joy with this gift of sunny yellow Lemon Curd...it's imagination in a jar.

All Natural Ingredients

  • Cane Sugar, Eggs, Lemon Juice, Unsalted Butter, Lemon Zest
  • Dairy (Butter)
  • Egg
  • Gluten Free


  • 8 oz (226 grams)

Mr. P's Lemon Curd perfectly pairs with...

  • A dollop over frozen yoghurt or a bowl of creamy vanilla ice-cream
  • Add to cream cheese to make a delicious frosting for your muffins and cupcakes
  • Brioche, Challah
  • Toast, biscuits and croissant
  • Crêpes
  • Mascarpone, Brie or Triple Creme

Shelf Life

  • Unopened: 24 months
  • Open & Refrigerated: 3 months

Made in small gallon batches, by hand, in Old Chatham, in the heart of New York's Hudson River Valley.

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send with a
personalized note card! 
Send them a personalized note card together with the Lemon Curd. 12 themes to choose from. You can add your name to the marquee, add a message and we do the rest. We print your card, hand-address the envelope, add 1st class postage and drop it in the mail, or include in your parcel, for you. 

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