Sarah V Battle: Crafting Collages with a Yorkshire Soul

Collage Artist Sarah V Battle in her home in Saddleworth, UK


We have someone we’d like you to meet.

To our great delight, The Punctilious Mr.P’s Place Card Co. has invited Sarah V Battle, a brilliant artist, into our fold. Sarah hails from the moors on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border in northern England (and if Wuthering Heights comes to mind, you’re picturing it right). The mind-meld between Karen and Martin in the rural Hudson Valley and Sarah-of-the-moors began with a little love affair: Mr. P was captivated by Sarah’s Instagram page and followed her and Sarah followed back. Through the magic of the digital age, we reached across the ocean to form a new friendship enhanced by Sarah’s charming yet sophisticated collage art. We are thrilled to be introducing into our palette of place cards, note cards, and other Mr. P delights.

"I absolutely fell in love with your work, It really resonated with me. I went to Karen and I said this is really special. I was just really really moved by it and what I loved was every whisp of a snip or cut was so emotive and so complete. And so we reached out and we're so thrilled that we're all sitting here together, so, Sarah welcome." -Martin Cooper, co-founder

Here's why we have fallen head over heels with Sarah and her artwork: her collages communicate so much in such a tiny space. Her passion for collecting (which we share) shines through the bits of ephemera that populate her artwork. Repurposed from vintage catalogs and programs, bills and receipts (even old gramophone needle boxes!), these graphic cutouts in her hands become the most charming scenes of animals, flowers, circus images and fireworks. The intricate worlds she conjures may seem naïve upon first glance but they belie a rich and sophisticated sensibility. She is, after all, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts and an educator, and for 31 years was a textile artist at First 11 Studios, a furnishing design studio in London.


Enter Sarah’s world with us.

Picture Sarah in her 18th-century former weaver’s cottage, cloistered in her attic studio, every surface beneath the posts and beams piled with bits and bobs of cut-out scraps, the more obscure the better. Look closely at her work and you’ll find dot patterns from old brochures, or graphic lines clipped from long-expired coupons and petrol ration tickets. All become fodder for her diminutive cutting shears (of which she has many; they always seem to disappear). “All of these things were produced anonymously,” Sarah says. “It’s almost like celebrating them again. I look at them and make them mine.” Her day is full; she steps out her front door and treks up to the moors early in the morning with her pup, Lenny, then swims for an hour. Climbs the stairs to her work room at 10 a.m., sketches and snips and “moves things around” until 6, has her tea (that’s British for dinner), bed at 11:30.

“It’s quite nice creating your own little world and realizing people like what you do as well,” Sarah says. We believe in sharing her world and bringing her unique vision to Mr. P’s delectable paper products. Characters that will enhance a tea party’s menu card, a birthday celebration’s personalized place cards (for both children and adults!), or a greeting card that allows you to connect with a new friend. 

Celebrate. Cherish. Connect. Thanks to our new friend across the pond, we’re manifesting those Three C’s with the Sarah V Battle Collection at The Punctilious Mr. P’s Place Card Co. We hope you’ll welcome Sarah to your table as we have.

As we pull the curtain on this heartwarming conversation, one can't help but feel that Sarah V Battle is not just an artist but a joy architect. Her work embodies the very principles of the Joy Economy® that we hold dear at The Punctilious Mr. P’s Place Card Co. She rescues the overlooked and the forgotten, crafting them into vibrant tapestries that echo with stories and untold histories. Her art is a celebration, not just of aesthetics, but of life itself. It’s not merely about repurposing; it’s about reimagining. In Sarah, we’ve found a kindred spirit who understands that life, in all its intricate details, is worth celebrating. Through our collaboration, we continue to etch joy into the fabric of everyday life—a philosophy that unites us across continents and histories.


Why Collage?

It was the transition to collage that truly defined Sarah's artistic identity. She found herself drawn to the medium, captivated by its ability to allow her to move elements around without the permanence of other techniques. Collage offered her the freedom to experiment, to juxtapose disparate elements, and to create something entirely new. It was a medium that resonated with her, and she embraced it with enthusiasm.

sarah v battle chinoiserie collage

The Art of Collecting: Finding Inspiration in the Everyday

One of the most intriguing facets of Sarah V Battle's creative process is her passion for collecting. It's a practice that adds depth and richness to her work, allowing her to find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Sarah's ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary is a testament to her artistic sensibility.

Her collection includes a diverse array of objects, from gramophone needle tins to other everyday items. These seemingly mundane objects become wellsprings of inspiration for her art. Sarah has a keen eye for the graphics, patterns, and textures that these objects often feature. She sees beyond their utilitarian purpose, recognizing the artistic potential they hold.

What makes Sarah's collection even more intriguing is the anonymity of some of the items. She acquires objects without knowing their full history, allowing her imagination to fill in the gaps. It's a testament to her ability to infuse her work with a sense of mystery and intrigue.

sarah v battle collage of a squirrel

Collage as a Medium: The Joy of Creation

Sarah's love for collage is palpable when she discusses her creative process. For her, collage is not just a medium; it's a means of expression that brings her immense joy. The allure of collage lies in its versatility and the sense of play it offers.

"I've never managed to explain why I do what I do, but I know that I can't stop it. So I just keep going." - Sarah V Battle

She explains that collage allows her to move elements around freely, to experiment with compositions, and to discover unexpected connections. It's a medium that invites spontaneity and serendipity. Sarah describes the process of collage as akin to solving a puzzle, where each piece fits into place to create a harmonious whole.

The act of cutting, pasting, and layering becomes a dance of creativity, and Sarah revels in it. She often finds herself lost in the process, hours slipping away as she immerses herself in the world of her creations. It's a form of meditation, a way of connecting with her inner self.

sarah v battle swan collage

Sketching and Composition: The Textile Background

Sarah's background in textiles is evident in her meticulous approach to her art. Before she begins the physical act of creating a collage, she takes the time to sketch and plan her compositions. These initial sketches serve as blueprints for her final works, helping her visualize the layout and arrangement of elements.

Her textile training has instilled in her a deep appreciation for structure and composition. It's a discipline that she brings into her collage work, ensuring that every piece is meticulously crafted. The combination of her textile background and her love for collage results in artworks that are not only visually striking but also thoughtfully composed.

sarah v battle sketch of collage

sarah v battle collage pre-gluing

The Impact of Size: A Closer Look

One of the intriguing revelations about Sarah V Battle's work is the size of her collages. They are smaller than what one might expect from viewing them online or in exhibitions. This deliberate choice to work on a smaller scale adds a captivating dimension to her art.

The smaller size invites viewers to lean in, to pay attention to the intricate details that might be overlooked in a larger piece. It's a testament to Sarah's dedication to her craft and her desire to create works that draw viewers in, encouraging them to explore every nook and cranny of her compositions.

The impact of size also emphasizes the intimate nature of her art. Each collage is a world unto itself, inviting viewers to step into it and immerse themselves in the stories it tells. It's a reminder that art can be a deeply personal experience, a journey of discovery and connection.

collage artist sarah v battle at home in her studio

Artistic Freedom: Embracing the Uninhibited

In the world of art, where rules and conventions often abound, Sarah V Battle stands as a beacon of artistic freedom. She approaches her work with a refreshing lack of preciousness, embracing a free and uninhibited creative process.

"Sometimes you've got to destroy it to make it work. But then things never end up as they are." - Sarah V Battle

Sarah's attitude toward her art materials is a testament to this perspective. She doesn't hold back when it comes to experimenting with different materials and techniques. Her studio is a playground of possibilities, where she explores and innovates without constraint.

This lack of inhibition extends to her creative process as well. She doesn't shy away from taking risks, from cutting a collage in half and starting again if it doesn't feel right. It's a willingness to embrace the unknown, to let go of preconceived notions, and to trust in the process of creation.

sarah v battle sunface collage

The Power of Discovery

As the interview with Sarah V Battle unfolds, it becomes evident that her artistic journey is a testament to the power of discovery. From the moment we discovered Sarah's work on Instagram to the revelation of her disciplined routine and her unique approach to collage, every aspect of Sarah's story is a testament to the joy and fulfillment that art can bring to one's life.

"If it wasn't for Instagram, you know, the reach wouldn't have been made. People who buy my work mainly live in America, and I wouldn't have any access to them." - Sarah V Battle

In a world where creativity often seeks validation and recognition, Sarah's commitment to her craft is a reminder that the act of creation itself can be the greatest reward. Her ability to find inspiration in the everyday, to embrace artistic freedom, and to share her unique perspective with the world through her collages is a testament to the enduring power of art.

As we conclude our journey through the world of Sarah V Battle, it's clear that her art is not just a visual feast for the eyes; it's a celebration of the human spirit's capacity for creativity and expression. Through her work, she invites us all to embrace the joy of discovery, to find inspiration in the ordinary, and to celebrate the beauty of uninhibited creation.

In Sarah V Battle's world, art is not just a product; it's a process—a journey of exploration and self-expression. It's a reminder that the creative spirit knows no bounds, and it's an invitation for all of us to embark on our own artistic journeys, wherever they may lead.


I adore her collages and reading about Sarah Battle! I saw her work in
a magazine, “The world of Interiors,” I am totally inspired!

Gloria Lippmann March 18, 2024

As a teacher at the Montessori school in my city, we teach the young ones to discover the world through their hands. Their discovery is so joyous and sweet just like Sarah’s collages. I love the richness of the artist world and the wonderful picture of Sarah in her world, at work amongst the piles on her desk. I am comforted by her artistic imperative to create when current events seem to focus on dehumanizing destruction. The upsetting news around the world makes it hard to feel good these days. It’s reassuring to see artists, people, committed to creating! Her collages take me away to a curious place of enchantment. Martin, your discovery makes my day!!

Jocelyn A March 18, 2024

I grew up with an aunt who took me everywhere and she looked a lot like Sarah V Battle. My aunt would take me to museums, galleries and hikes that filled my childhood with so much wonder, love and laughter. We use to birdwatch together and maybe she even made up names of the birds. My aunt Tilly was creativity itself! It’s such a great feeling to see her again in this picture of Sarah. Her collages feels like the pixie dust of my younger days. I noticed the ChristmasShire cards on your site and they will be a special part of my family Christmas season. Mr. P, you are a special guy!

Caroline Averndale October 22, 2023

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