Personalization and customization is at the very heart of everything we do

Are you looking for the ultimate customized experience or gift, you can commission a unique theme that speaks to your life:

  • A cherished photo of a spouse, partner, or child.
  • An image that is the personification of your spirit.
  • An element from your home, or china pattern, that you wish to repeat at your table.
  • Corporations customize their place cards with imagery or campaigns to synchronize with special product launches, dinners and events.

Case Study: Private Residence, Upstate NY

Mr. P's Upstate collaboration taking a floral motif painted in clients stairwell and creating place cards, menu cards, invitations and note cards

Interior Designer Sarah Oliver commissioned us to create a special set of coordinating place cards, menu cards, invitations and note cards for her home. Taking cues from the lyrical custom painted mural in her stairwell, which she designed herself and had painted by muralist Mark Chamberlain, Mr. P's suite of products helped bring a cohesive experience to the life she lives with her family in their bucolic 1800s farmhouse in the Hudson Valley.

Mr. P's table place setting featuring custom place cards and menus inspired by a custom mural

The Oliver's dining table showing custom commissioned place cards and menu cards inspired by the mural in Sarah Oliver's stairwell.

Mr. P's table place setting featuring custom place cards and menus inspired by a custom mural

A wonderful way to brand the entire experience for your guest and welcome them to your home and table.

Mr. P's custom invitation inspired by mural
The entertaining experience for the Oliver's guests begin before the guest even arrive with a mailed paper invitation.
Mr. P's custom note cards inspired by a client's hand painted mural
Lastly, Mr. P created a custom stationery suite of note cards for Sarah Oliver using her mural motif.

How it works:

Co-founder Martin Cooper takes images of the hand painted mural in Oliver's stairwell

Co-founder Martin Cooper took images of the hand painted mural in Oliver's stairwell that he then edited, optimized and laid out into place cards, menu cards, invitations and note cards for its owner. You can also send us images to work from.

custom images are optimized in photoshop

Each image is cleaned up & optimized in Photoshop for color balance, brightness, contrast, vibrancy, etc. to make the best print possible.

custom mask is created in order to optimize the image to its fullest

We often create custom masks (pink area) to precisely optimize the image in its best possible way.

each image is laid into indesign to create the layout

The images are then loaded into InDesign to create the layout and each motif 'arted' in for the best looking and most interesting cropping.

What we can do:

Here at Mr. P’s studio, we relish in the unique process of personalizing our work for our clients. Creating something truly unique and memorable is our goal, lasting for years or perhaps only hours.

Your place cards, menu cards, table signs, invitations and note cards can be printed with a bespoke image of your own, or something we curate just for you.


Next Steps:

Reach out below. Include any theme you have in mind and whether you have a deadline. There is a non-refundable set-up fee for the artwork per product, plus the standard cost of the cards. Additional fees may apply for each different product designed with the same image. Projects requiring multiple proofs and modifications will incur additional costs accordingly. Your files are stored on our server for future orders.

Let's have a chat and give it a try.

We reserve the right to accept commissions that align with the values of our Joy Economy®.


Why We're Different

Since 2018, The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. has distinguished itself by redefining the art of tablescaping with a blend of Southern charm and Chinoiserie chic. Our collections are more than just paper stationery; they are curated experiences that transform entertaining into a celebration of belonging and joy— allowing everyone a literal and figurative 'seat at the table.' Each product is a testament to tradition reimagined for the modern world, emphasizing inclusivity over antiquated formality.

It is your embrace of our vision that inspires us to continue creating places of connection and celebration. For this, we are grateful to you.