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What is an Illustrated Place Card?

The Illustrated place card is an invention of Mr. P! An illustrated place card is far from a generic white folded card. Mr. P's illustrated place cards have beautifully curated high-res images printed on the face of the cards that are visible to all of your guests making your table come to life in a memorable 360° vista. We encourage you to mix and match sets to create moods unique to you, keeping your table setting always looking fresh and new.

How do I display my set of Mr. P's Place Cards?

Mr. P's illustrated place cards work best with our simple place card holder so the card can be viewed from either direction. They are available in black lacquer or silver, and sold in sets of 4.

Do you sell place card holders?

Yes, we sell a simple and elegant vertical place card holder that blends into almost any decor. Please visit the Place Card Holder shop here.

How many cards come to a set?

There are 16 cards to a set.

I found a card stamped with "Try your hand on the other side" inside my pack. What is it?

We include a sample card to test your writing instruments on so you don't waste a card. The side with "Try your hand..." is the image side of the paper, so do your test writing on the other side, where you see a stamp of a writing hand.
We encourage you to test your instruments as each instrument will react to our paper differently. Pay attention to the flow of the ink and whether the ink pools or puddles when you slightly pause while writing. If so, try another pen.

What are banquet-style place cards?

Banquet style place cards are cards where the guest's name is printed on BOTH sides of the card. Great for events where not everyone knows one another.

Can you personalize my cards with my guest's names if I know their names in advance?

Why of course! We are proud to offer a complimentary digital calligraphy service, offering 6 curated fonts. Simply type their names in the notes field. Please double check spelling, as we simply copy and paste their names. The spelling or accuracy is completely your responsibility. We will do our best with accent marks.

Does it take longer to have my cards personalized vs. unpersonalized?

No. There is no additional lead time or cost with name personalization. Just order early enough to be sure the cards arrive in time for your event!

Do you offer express shipping so I can get my cards the next day once they are printed?

Yes, we offer express shipping via UPS. Please see our Shipping Tips page for additional information regarding shipping best practices.

Do you ship everywhere?

Absolutely. Please see our Shipping Tips page for additional information regarding shipping best practices.

Where do you ship from?

We generally like to make our shipments from New York City instead of Old Chatham, NY in order to 'speed the plow.' We know the importance of getting your cards on your table PDQ! In general, choose UPS at checkout for a guaranteed delivery. USPS does NOT guarantee delivery, even though you pay for 3-day shipping, it is an approximate date based on location. Only use USPS if there is no rush or need to have your parcel by a certain time. Otherwise, we strongly suggest using UPS to guarantee your delivery if have an event within a 2 week window of need. Please see our Shipping Tips page for additional information regarding shipping best practices.

What happens if my purchase arrives after my event?

Ultimately, you, the customer, have 100% control over how your package is shipped to you because there is a 'cost to speed' associated with shipping. If your package arrives after your event, we need to adhere by the choice you've made in courier service and therefore cannot take responsibility for the shipping speed you've chosen. No refunds will be madePlease see our Shipping Tips page for additional information regarding shipping best practices.

Do you accept returns?

Regrettably, no. Each order is printed custom for you, and therefore we are unable to accept any returns unless resulting from our error. There are no returns on personalized illustrated cards unless a result of our own error.

How frequently will you be adding new themes or cards?

All the time! Our aim is to offer something new each month. Mr. P's Place Cards is your go-to resource to serve your pre-entertaining needs.

I am planning my wedding and love your place cards. Would you work with us on a bulk order?

We are happy to work with you on larger quantities. Please reach out. We also rent the card holders for larger parties. Makes sense of parties of 25 or larger.

Can I create my own card or commission a card for a special occasion?

Absolutely. Mr. P's studio can work with you to create something unique and memorable. There is a non-refundable set up fee for the artwork, plus the standard cost of the cards. We can also curate an image based on your needs. It's all very reasonable and doable. 

I am a blogger/ influencer. Are you looking for collaborative partners?

We are always looking to partner with like minded individuals where collaboration can be mutually beneficial. We call it our 'V.I. Mr. P.' program. Learn about how to become a 'V.I. Mr. P.'

Do you have any preferred unique #hashtags for Mr P?

we sure do: 

#mrpsplacecards  #aplaceforeveryname  #illustratedplacecards #thejoyeconomy  #oldchatham  #mrp

What on earth does Punctilious mean?

showing great attention to detail or correct behavior.

I love your logo and motif. What is it?

The logo for Mr. P is the anthemion (pronounced an-THEE-mion), a floral design, used especially in ancient Greek and Roman architecture and decoration, usually consisting of honeysuckle, lotus, or palmette leaf motifs. Because B'ellow, our home in Old Chatham, is an 18th century Federal home, we felt the motif was perfectly befitting for our brand.

Anthemion logo