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Iconic packaging

Each packet of Mr. P's place cards has an outer wrapper printed in our iconic anthemion pattern, bound together with a black grosgrain ribbon and secured with a hand-stamped, Mr. P signature black wax seal. Our goal when creating the experience was akin to one opening a pack of bon-bons. We hope the experience will be that delicious for you.
A packet of The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Cards
The spine of a pack of Mr. P's Place cards showing where the name is found

Where to Find The name of your theme

You'll find the name of your theme when you turn the packet on its side. Each theme is written by-hand in its own little space on the packet's spine.

Break open the wax seal + honor your tribe

We try to think of everything for you... really. Simply give the little grosgrain tail a brisk tug upwards and the wax seal will lift right up.

The moment you break the seal... you enter The Joy Economy™. It's reassuring that technology has yet to replace that palpable spark when we are in the same place together, or the enchantment when people make eye contact. Suffice it to say, make the effort to set the table, take the time to gather in person and honor your tribe, because when life is uncertain, making joy is the one thing we can action when the world stops making sense.

Welcome, to the Joy Economy™

Break wax seal to open a pack of Mr. P's place cards

The inner black wrapper of a pack of Mr. P's place cards

Inner black wrapper

You'll find your cards encased in an inner black wrapper with a little Mr. P signature sealing wafer keeping it all snug and together.


Once you open the outer and inner wrappers, and break the sealing wafer, you'll find a top card that tells you a little about us and our Joy Economy™, for this is the intersection between purpose and commerce. Here in the Hudson Valley, makers are reclaiming pride and passion back into their craft and livelihood, inspiring pleasure in everything you present on your table that really brings joy back into entertaining.

We believe that joy is both the purpose and pleasure of commerce. Our commitment to the Joy Economy™ sits at the center of everything we do. Our entire community and business is built around this ethos.

About Mr. P and the Joy Economy.
16 place cards to a pack of Mr. P's Illustrated place cards

16 illustrated PLACE CARDS PER PACK

Each pack contains 16 illustrated place cards. Usually this will yield one or two dinner parties depending upon your use. We also encourage you to mix and match Mr. P's place card sets to achieve an even more dimensional tablescape.


With every attempt, we try to make the Mr. P experience seamless for you. So with that mantra in mind, we add an additional card to your pack that's stamped, "Try your hand on the other side." This card is for you to test your writing instrument so that you won't have to lose a good card. Clever right? We hope you'll find it more convenient than clever as each pen will react differently to the paper.

Each packet contains a "Try your hand on the other side" card of Mr. P's place cards

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Why We're Different

Since 2018, The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. has distinguished itself by redefining the art of tablescaping with a blend of Southern charm and Chinoiserie chic. Our collections are more than just paper stationery; they are curated experiences that transform entertaining into a celebration of belonging and joy— allowing everyone a literal and figurative 'seat at the table.' Each product is a testament to tradition reimagined for the modern world, emphasizing inclusivity over antiquated formality.

It is your embrace of our vision that inspires us to continue creating places of connection and celebration. For this, we are grateful to you.