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Welcome to the Marvelous World of The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co.

The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. annual National Place Card Day™ March 20th

you have a seat at the table

Studies show time and time again that healthy relationships are the key drivers of happiness. These relationships drive joy and ultimately, a longer life.

Join us annually on March 20th for Mr. P's National Place Card Day™. Using the place card as our call to action, we celebrate everyone having a seat at the table. Share photos of your memorable gatherings with us and our Instagram family. Learn more.

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It all began when we asked ourselves a simple question: "Why does a place card have to be plain & white?" Our answer... "It doesn't."

Discover a lifestyle brand revolutionizing the place card. In today’s hectic-digital-virtual world, sitting together to a meal with friends and family is truly a celebration. And what better way to honor your tribe™ than with a named place at your table.

Our Digital Calligraphy Service saves you time! 4 new fonts added!

Mr. P is happy to offer a Digital Calligraphy service featuring a collection of six curated fonts (modern, historical and classic) to cover almost any occasion. Your cards will arrive with your guest's names perfectly inscribed— one less thing for you to do!

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showing the back of the punctilious mr. p's place card co with the name 'beverly' printed in Mr. p's 'bel air' font
martin cooper and karen suen cooper having a picnic in their garden published in ELLE Decor magazine, october 2020

Visit The Cooper's Farmhouse in ELLE Decor Magazine

October 2020 | Photographs by @frankfrancisstudio in Old Chatham, New York

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Welcome, to The Joy Economy®

"There is a bigger idea behind our little illustrated place cards. The idea is simple— find joy in the company you keep, because when life is uncertain, making joy is the one thing we can action when the world stops making sense."

Karen & Martin Cooper

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co-founders Karen & Martin Cooper, of the punctilious mr. p's place card company

Quintessence: At Home With... Martin Cooper and Karen Suen-Cooper

© December 2020 | Quintessence

We curate beautiful curio images that stage the theater of the dinner table & spark conversation.

The Punctilious Mr. P's $100 Boxed Gift Certificate with wax seal and grosgrain ribbon whose design is inspired by vintage bank notes with recipient's name calligraphed by hand

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It feels good to give. When you gift with Mr. P you are the gateway to the "goodness of gathering."  When we gather we celebrate bonds that promote longevity and health.​⁠ With The Punctilious Mr. P's Boxed Gift Certificate--- they'll have something in their hands to open. The Gift Certificate is inspired by vintage bank notes, and made official with our signature wax seal. Comes boxed in our signature anthemion presentation box, an added value.

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