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Theresa Cheek
10 November 2019

We are so happy we found each other. Instagram, the great connector of the universe, brought us together. From our very first call, we knew that we wanted to do something with Theresa. Though we had been following each other for a while, it was a post of marbled paper she made on July 6th that stopped us in our tracks and made us realize that it was her 'eye' that we had been looking for to help us realize a new concept for bespoke marbled paper place cards. That post said everything we needed to know about Theresa and spoke to her sublime sense of balance and color. Her work was just too special for us to not reach out and see if she would be open to collaborating with us on this project. Lucky for us— she agreed.


Mr. P:
Why do you feel that for over one thousand years, people are still fascinated about marbled paper?

There has always been an inherent desire for beauty in civilization. Marbling hits this on so many levels with color, pattern, and the versatility of being utilitarian or elevated to art. As marbling spread throughout Europe, it became accessible to all economic levels which fueled its spread to other continents.

How do you find inspiration to inform your work?

Inspiration is all around me! Nature and math, symmetry and texture. I look at everything through the eyes of an artist seeing color first, then design and often seeing something as what it could be rather than what it is. Music, opera, and perfume also serve as inspiration.

I know that you head to Europe every year, why is that annual journey so important to you?
To stay creative, one must get out of their comfort zone! How can you come up with new ideas if you do not learn to see something in a different way? Travel is essential to keep my creative batteries charged and keep me flexible in life. Meeting with other artists and learning how we each reach a common goal through very different paths is always a learning experience.

How does being a creator of the decorative arts contribute to your own Joy Economy™?
As a creative person, my joy comes from creating! I am always trying to find a way to make something beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and experience much joy when that is accomplished.

From our initial conversation with you on the phone, we knew we clicked right away. Can you describe for our readers the process of this collaboration?
The longer you are on this earth, the quicker you are able to instinctively feel if something is "right". I immediately felt a connection with Martin and Karen through their philosophy and after phone calls and communications, knew we would create something wonderful together!  Mr. P's has become a vehicle to share my marbling while allowing others to have shared moments over a beautiful dinner. Human connection through beauty and joy, what more could you want?

Theresa has a BFA from the University of Texas in Art History and has served on the board of the International Decorative Artisans League and a current member of SALON— an esteemed group of  international decorative artisans. Keeping the lost arts alive and mentoring to the next generation are keystones in her journey as an artisan.

You can find Theresa on Instagram @artstheanswer

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