Old Kinderhook is a historic script inspired by President Martin Van Buren, our Nation's 8th President, and resident of the nearby town of Kinderhook, NY. He earned the nicknames "Little Magician" and the "Red Fox" for his cunning politics. When he was President, Van Buren used a code to let people know that this person or that person was 'O.K.' or to denote a person who was on the 'inside' and could be trusted. It meant that they were either from Old Kinderhook, or had connections there. The expression OK is used all around the world to this day.

Old Kinderhook is a bold, strong script with the personality inspired by Martin van Buren.

Complete Alphabet

The punctilious Mr. p's 'deco' custom monogram font sampler


Examples of Monograms

The punctilious Mr. p's 'deco' custom monogram examples


    • Case sensitivity for Old Kinderhook Script: we recommend Title Case where first letter is always Capitalized.

    • Please double check the spelling of your guest's names, as we simply copy and paste your names. The correct spelling is your responsibility.

    • ALL cards printed custom & bespoke to order. NO RETURNS unless error on our part.