Bookplate- Blue + White
Bookplate- Blue + White
Bookplate- Blue + White
Bookplate- Blue + White

Bookplate- Blue + White

Bookplates by Mr. P's

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Bookplates have been used to denote ownership of cherished tomes for centuries. They're a wonderful form of personal expression even for the most jaded bibliophile. As we believe the  place card is the perfect finishing touch for your table, a personalized bookplate is the perfect finishing touch for your library. No personal library, whether large or small, should be without.

How To Install Your Bookplates— "Tipping":
We recommend that you purchase our double-sided, acid-free, REMOVABLE adhesive roller and "tip" the bookplate into the book. Tipping means that you only run a single line of adhesive across the top of the bookplate (not all 4 sides) and place the bookplate into place on the inside hard cover and gently rub your fingertip along the top to adhere the bookplate. This will keep the bookplate in place forever, but will also be removable, if needed.

Remove the protective cap. Press roller down on a flat surface and drag backwards in a straight line only along the top of the bookplate. Replace protective cap when finished. 

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  • Available in 2 styles: "Ex Libris" and "From the Library of." Please choose one.
  • 12 cards to a pack
  • 2 image set
  • Size: 3.125" X 4.125" or 79.37mm x 101.6mm
  • Printed on sheet-fed hot-press cotton rag watercolor paper with archival Japanese inks
  • Name printed complimentary for your first pack. 25% surcharge for additional packs with calligraphy:

  • If you'd like your bookplates without a printed name, simply choose "NO NAME" from the dropdown font form.
  • Mr. P's acid-free adhesive, not included. Separate purchase. See link below.
  • Choose from 5 fonts. See link below to discover the fonts.
  • ALL bookplates printed custom & bespoke to order. NO RETURNS unless in error by us.
  • Made-by-hand in our workshop in Old Chatham, New York

    Don't forget to order your acid-free,
    removable, adhesive!
    (Separate Purchase.)
    The Punctilious Mr. P's acid-free, removable adhesive dispenser

    Not sure which font to choose, explore here.