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The Punctilious Mr. P's 'Cannabis' Bar + Table Tags
The Punctilious Mr. P's 'Cannabis' Bar + Table Tags
A front and back view of a pack of Mr. P's Place Cards

Cannabis Table Tags

Illustrated Place Cards by Mr. P's

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Emily Post's great, great, granddaughter Lizzie Post's soon-to-be-definitive book of manners— Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties— suggests using descriptive labels to identify your cannabis-infused edibles by strain and sensation such as: “White Widow macarons: Euphoric + Peppy.” Post also recommends setting up a separate spread of non-infused foods, to avoid overdoing it because of the munchies, or for those who aren’t partaking in the cannabis items.

Conversation Sparker: Cannabis edibles can be twice as potent, and its effects can last twice as long as smoking.

Did you know that you can now order any theme with Menu Cards that coordinate with your place cards!

  • 16 cards to a pack
  • 2 image set
  • Size: 3.4" x 2.1" or 86mm x 54mm (standard credit card)
  • Printed on sheet-fed hot-press cotton rag watercolor paper with archival Japanese inks
  • Complimentary Digital Calligraphy Service:
    • Choose your style of calligraphy above, then add up to 16 guest's names.
    • "ADD TO CART."
    • Suggested Orientation: Both Horizontal & Vertical. Digital Calligraphy on horizontal cards is written straight across the card, while vertical cards may be written on an angle.
    • ALL cards printed custom & bespoke to order. NO RETURNS unless in error by us.
    • Made-by-hand in our workshop in Old Chatham, New York
      illustration showing place cards can be shown vertically or horizontally


      Digital calligraphy show is 'Old Kinderhook' script. Not sure which font to choose for your digital calligraphy, explore here.

      Mr. P's simple place card holders in silver, black lacquer and gold finishes
      Don't forget to order holders!

      And don't forget to pick up your cannabis table tags to label your delicious brownies and other edibles.

      Book Cover of Lizzie Post's Higher Etiquette.

      You may order Lizzie Post's book from Amazon.