The punctilious mr. p's place card co. short and tall turned black bases paired with steel balls/ orbs on top that give old world charm

Orb & Pillar Base Set

Ball and Base by The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co.

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The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. offers this super chic set of stainless steel orbs and classically turned black bases with white accenting to amplify your environment.

These decorative objects are mainstays at B'ellow, our home in the Hudson Valley. This chic set brings an instant nod of 'old world charm' to any room, corner vignette or tablescape. 

The bases and balls/ orbs are not fixed together, giving you the freedom to place any object you like, such as a pomegranate, pinecone or crystal ball.


    • Short Base: 3.14" x 2.95"
    • Tall Base: 6.49" x 2.95"
    • Small Orb/ Ball: 4"
    • Large Orb/ Ball: 6"
    • Materials: Composite (base) + Stainless Steel (balls)
    • Imported


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