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Here at B’ellow, we’re getting ready to celebrate National Place Card Day™ on March 20!

Fanfare, please! But first, we invite you to gather round the table, where all good things happen, so we can welcome you to the B’ellow Bugle, the virtual setting where we will share the goodness of gathering and the Three C’s of The Punctilious Mr. P’s Place Card Co.: Celebrate. Cherish. Connect. 

We believe in the joy of entertaining and know that you do, too. As a reader of the B’ellow Bugle blog, you’ll be the first to hear about our new ideas for your gatherings — the name place cards and place card holders (including essential wedding place cards), the custom bookplates and gift tags, delicious new goodies from Mr. P’s Pantry, and so much more. As your home entertaining, event and wedding resource, we are brimming with hosting ideas and can’t wait to introduce you to the exceptional artists and makers we will be partnering with this year. 

And because we’re connecting with you from B’ellow— our beloved and restored 1790s farmhouse in Old Chatham, New York— the B’ellow Bugle is where we will let you in on life in our hamlet and the abundance of the Hudson Valley, the source of so much inspiration. Please join us as our virtual guests, where you always have a place at our table.

National Place Card Day™: A Welcoming Sign of Spring 

 The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co-Signs of Spring

The Punctilious Mr. P's "Signs of Spring" Illustrated place cards

The day to celebrate place cards is March 20, the first day of spring when nature hints at birth and renewal that fuels our desire to gather with those we adore and sit together for a meal. A new entertaining season begins.What better way to welcome each person than by acknowledging them with a personalized name card? Place cards are the ultimate welcome gesture, telling your guest, “You belong. You matter. Here is your place at the table.” 

Co-founder Martin Cooper discusses the deeper meaning behind National Place Card Day™
Recorded March 10, 2023 in Old Chatham, New York


Place cards set the theater of your table, conveying the 3Cs of Mr. P. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that any face-to-face gathering is a celebration. We’ve been reminded that these are truly moments to cherish. Place cards are the conversation starters that help establish and bolster connections with the guests across the table, So, you see, these are not just name place cards; they are a symbol of welcome, evoking warmth and intimacy, letting your guests know that you cherish them. When you’re a host, that is a precious gift to give.

How to Use Mr. P Place Cards and Spark Joy

showing the digital spencerian calligraphy on the side of the card that faces the seated guest

The name is used to let the guest know where to sit. This is where Regina is to sit. 

New to Mr. P’s Illustrated place cards? Position the card so that the seated guests see their name (or guest facing), with the image side facing out around the table (or table facing); this will undoubtedly spark conversation. They are designed to be viewed upright and placed into elevated place card holders (we suggest Mr. P’s black lacquer or silver holders — simple and elegant).

the punctilious MR. p's place card co. "rose garden" laydown place card  on chinoiserie table with beautiful flowers and bamboo cutlery

The Punctilious Mr. P's "Rose Garden" laydown Illustrated place cards. No holder required.

Or you can incorporate our laydown name cards; these feature the image and name on the same side. Place them next to the cutlery, on top of the napkins, or simply propped up like a grace note wherever your eye tells you they belong. Then prepare yourself for oodles of oohs and aahs!

An Illustrated Name Place Card For Every Occasion

At Mr. P, we have an ever-expanding selection of curio images that add a sparkling flourish to your tablescape. We curate a language of images that express your innate style and set the theater of your table to make your occasions memorable. 

Calling on a name card to evoke belonging and well-being in guests is a lot to put on a tiny piece of stationery, even if it’s a keepsake ornament. But when it’s inscribed with someone’s name it invokes the unique world we each embody. We’ve seen the magic happen time and again as the place cards spark a smile across the face of our guests that says, “There is a place for me here.” As we like to say, the idea behind the illustrated place card is simple: find joy in the company you keep and cherish these relationships.

Make life sweet with place cards… Happy National Place Card Day!

Celebrate. Cherish. Connect. 

Always with joy, 

Karen and Martin

The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. co-founders Karen Suen Cooper and Martin cooper in a garden
Co-founders, Karen Suen Cooper and Martin Cooper

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