Does the name side face inward or outward?

We're so thrilled you've found yourself here. That means you love place cards! We are often asked which side of your place card should faced out toward the table. The short answer is that the name side faces that seated guest (in this case the seated guest is Anjali), and the illustrated image faces outward for the other guests to see. Anjali would be looking at the 'Fanciful Pheasant' place card of the guest sitting across from her. This sets the 'theater' of the table.

Showing how Mr. P's place cards should be faced on the table.

However, some hosts often ask the guest (after seating) to turn their name side outward for the other guest to see. This is particularly useful when you have a dinner or gathering and guests don't know one another by name, or for a corporate event, for example. This way, guests can speak confidently with each other by name, because they can read most of the guests' names on the cards across from them.

On our website and Instagram, we have to photograph the illustrated side of the card on a tablescape in order for the viewer to see the image.

how should the cards be placed on the holder?

When using our Simple place card holder, we suggest pulling the card down onto the holder so that the card is just caught in the talons of the holder, and never smashed down to the bottom of the holder. This way the card will always stand upright, loud & proud, and can be viewed from both sides.

Showing the correct way the place card should be placed on the holder

The left image shows the correct positioning: the card barely caught in the talons of the holder, while the image on the right shows the incorrect position of a card pushed all the way to the bottom of the holder.

We hope this helps clarify any questions and always feel free to contact us if you have a question.

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