Lunch alfresco with mr. P's coronet nouveau illustrated place cards, block print tablecloth, and fresh flowers

As avid entertainers at our 200 year old home in the Hudson Valley, there has never been a dinner party too casual to use place cards. As a rule, we use them every time we entertain because who sits next to whom is everything. As hosts, we are the evening's ‘conductors.’ Place cards help us strategically seat our guests with a sense of social serenity. But moreover, for us, using place cards is never to be a formal gesture, but more an honorific gesture to let our guest know that we are making the choice to spend time together, and what better way to honor our guest than by giving them a named place at our table.
Over time, we grew tired of using plain ol’ white folded place cards. So, for fun, we began making our own. Our friends loved them so much that we gave them sets of place cards as small party favors to take home and use at their own dinners. Their die-hard encouragement helped us expand beyond our intimate circle of friends and family... to include you.
If you're looking for the exceptional place card, you've come to the right place.
Thank you for your interest!
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