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It feels good to give!

Experience the joy of giving with Mr. P's gift cards, the gateway to the "goodness of gathering." Celebrate the bonds of togetherness and create lasting memories with our thoughtfully curated products.

Our gift cards are conveniently delivered digitally via email, making it easy to share the joy of Mr. P's offerings. With simple instructions to redeem at checkout, the recipient can choose their favorite items from our collection. Whether it's personalized place cards, stylish stationery, or other delightful products, our gift cards provide the freedom to select the perfect gift.

Best of all, our gift cards come with no additional processing fees or taxes, ensuring a hassle-free gifting experience. Give the gift of beauty, elegance, and connection with Mr. P's gift cards and let your loved ones embark on their own journey of celebrating togetherness.

• Gift cards expire 1 year from date of issue.

• Did you know that you can now order any theme with Menu Cards and Buffet Tags that coordinate with your place cards!


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1- Choose your denomination ($25, $50, $100, $150), ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout.

2- Follow prompts at check out and arrive at payment screen. Since this is a digital gift card, the "Ship To" field does not deliver the digital gift card. Please enter your own name in the "Ship To" field. This will take you to the confirmation screen of your order.

3- Next, you will receive an order confirmation email that confirms your purchase with a link to print out a PDF of your receipt.

4- Finally, you will receive a separate email that says "Your gift card is ready." This is the email that contains the link to the gift card code! Our cyber security partner who issues the gift card considers the gift card as currency. This is why only you can forward the code, because it is your money. Anyone with the code can use the currency. Alternatively, you can make a print out of the page (print icon at bottom of that page) and give the physical code to your recipient as a gift card.

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Why We're Different

Since 2018, The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. has distinguished itself by redefining the art of tablescaping with a blend of Southern charm and Chinoiserie chic. Our collections are more than just paper stationery; they are curated experiences that transform entertaining into a celebration of belonging and joy— allowing everyone a literal and figurative 'seat at the table.' Each product is a testament to tradition reimagined for the modern world, emphasizing inclusivity over antiquated formality.

It is your embrace of our vision that inspires us to continue creating places of connection and celebration. For this, we are grateful to you.