Mr. P's Bookplate Fonts

Five fonts to choose from for your name or initials!


Mr. P's bookplate showing name in classic "Spencerian" font

Spencerian Script

'Spencerian Script' is a time-tested classic developed in 1848 by American educator and handwriting teacher Platt Rogers Spencer. Spencer believed that America needed a style of penmanship that could be written quickly, legibly and elegantly for both business correspondence and personal letter-writing. In 1848, Spencer, along with Victor M. Rice, published Spencer and Rice's System of Business and Ladies' Penmanship.

Finch Font

'Finch' is a Modern type face with high contrast forms that lend an elegant beauty & luxury to your initials. Its extended letterforms provide strength and power. This font works well in single, double and triple letter designs; however, It is only available in UPPER CASE characters.

Mr. P's Bees bookplate showing name in Finch Font
Mr. P's bookplate showing name in Mr. P's house font

Mr. P's House Font- Regular

'Mr. P's House Font- Regular' is used in all of our internal materials. It is inspired by an old document from the 1680s, and is packed with nostalgic personality.

This font gives a nod to Old World charm, and is perfect for single letter, double letters with a period in between, and triple letter designs. This font is available in both upper case and lower case letters.


Old Kinderhook Script

'Old Kinderhook' is used in our Mr. P's 'signature.' It is a historic script inspired by President Martin Van Buren, our Nation's 8th President, and resident of the nearby town of Kinderhook, NY. He earned the nicknames "Little Magician" and the "Red Fox" for his cunning politics. When he was President, Van Buren used a code, 'O.K' to denote a person who was on the 'inside' and could be trusted. It meant that they were either from 'Old Kinderhook,' or had connections there. The expression 'O.K.' is used all around the world to this day.
Mr. P's bookplate showing name in "old Kinderhook" font
Mr. P's bookplate showing name in "bourbon" font

Bourbon Font

'Bourbon' is a condensed display typeface inspired by whiskey bottles and old packaging. This font works well with our single letters, double letters and triple letter designs. This font is only available in UPPER CASE letters.