Co-Founder Martin Cooper

There is a bigger idea behind our little illustrated place cards. The idea is simple— find joy in the company you keep and celebrate these relationships, because life is uncertain and making joy is the one thing we can action when the world stops making sense. This is the goodness of gathering.

In its purest terms, The Joy Economy® begins with a maker creating products and services that bring joy to oneself which ripples forth to the end consumer and continues to ripple further to each guest and so on. In effect, the florist, the farmer, the baker, the caterer, the cheesemonger, the apiarist, the vintner, the ceramists, the silversmiths, the glassblower, the musicians are all a part of The Joy Economy®. Ever stop to think how one gathering supports so much talent and dedication?

Here in the Hudson Valley, makers are reclaiming pride and passion back into their craft and livelihood, inspiring pleasure in everything you present on your table that really brings joy back into entertaining.

We believe that joy is both the purpose and pleasure of commerce. Our commitment to The Joy Economy® sits at the center of everything we do. Our entire community and business is built around this ethos.

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