Upcycle Your Candle Jar

At The Punctilious Mr. P’s Place Card Co., we’re on a mission to tackle throwaway culture, and our first step is doing candles right— it must be good for the planet, good for your home, good for your health. Living more sustainably matters, and every PAX candle— with its compostable, plant-based natural soy wax— makes a difference. If you wish to upcycle your jar, please only use the jar as a container and never a drinking vessel, as the jar is painted white in the interior. And we respect if you don’t want to upcycle— you can always put the jar in your glass recycle bin.



You’ll know when your candle is ready to be upcycled when there is no more length to the cotton wick and the wick can no longer be lit. It is normal to find excess wax remaining in the jar. But FIRST, put the jar in your refrigerator for a few hours, or overnight. We want the wax to be nice and hard so that it pops out easily.
Empty Pax candle jar
scooped out soy wax remaining in the PAX candle jar


With an old spoon or knife, pry or dig out the excess wax from the bottom and side walls of the jar by breaking the wax into small pieces. You may get lucky and have the remaining wax easily pop out in two or three large pieces.


You’ll want to scoop out all the wax onto a paper towel. Make sure to remove the metal wick base and place that on the side. The metal wick base is not compostable, so throw the metal base in your metal recycle bin.

scooped out soy wax

put remaining soy wax in compost


Unlike paraffin, soy is biodegradable and non-toxic so it can go in the compost bin when you’re done.


With a few wipes of a paper towel, the remaining bits of wax should all be gone. OPTIONAL: If there are some hard to remove bits, place the jar in the microwave for about twenty seconds to melt any remaining wax and wipe again with a paper towel. CAUTION: Our label is made with a thin layer of metal to achieve the gold frame. If you microwave your jar, be sure to remove the label first!

wipe out remaining wax residue with paper towel
the upcycled pax candle jar is now a bud vase


Now you’re ready to use your upcycled jar as a bud vase, or pencil caddy, or catch-all, or anything else you can imagine!

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