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“Like a pinch of salt, vinegar has that magic to pull everything together in the most delicious way!” 

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Acid, or vinegar, is an essential element of flavor. It brightens food and creates contrasts between the other essential elements of salt, fat and heat. It beautifully balances flavors and enhances everything from salads to sauces.

• Crafted by distillers with a rich history in the Hudson Valley, Harvest Spirits, is a family run business that honors the land where they grow much of their own fruit on 250 acres of prime farmland.

  • 3 Flavors of artisanal vinegars:
    • Good Ol' Apple Vinegar: The classic apple cider vinegar with the "Mother."
    • Balsamic Apple Vinegar: A rich taste with slight sweetness.
    • Pure Maple Vinegar: Strong kick with the rich taste of local maple syrup

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  • Small batch
  • Hudson Valley made from local fruit
  • Literally mouthwatering!
  • Contains the "Mother"
  • Salad Dressings, cole slaw, cucumber salad, beet salad, barbecue sauce, smoothies, tomato salad, marinades, pasta salad, ramen noodles, dumplings, green beans, egg salad, gazpacho, watermelon salad and more.
  • Made in the Hudson Valley, USA
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