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Discover the Delight of Mr. P's Jam Trio Bouquet

Indulge in the unique flavors of Mr. P's Jam Trio Bouquet, a carefully selected assortment that combines taste and sophistication. This collection features:

  • NEW: Mr. P's Cinnamon Pear Jam - A delightful blend of succulent pears with a hint of cinnamon and a splash of lemon juice, this jam is a sweet nod to traditional comforts.

  • CLASSIC: Mr. P's Marmellata Jam - A medley of grapefruit, oranges, and lemons, our marmalade offers a bright and tangy taste that pays homage to the simplicity of classic preserves.

  • FAVORITE: Mr. P's Hot Pepper Jelly - This jelly brings a zesty twist to your palate, mixing the sweetness of cane sugar with a variety of peppers, balanced by the acidity of apple cider vinegar for a truly vibrant spread.

Presented in a bouquet-like wrap of red tissue paper and clear cellophane, and finished with a red grosgrain ribbon, the Jam Trio Bouquet makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Choose from four elegant gift note options to personalize your present, making it the perfect addition to any celebration or a considerate gesture for someone special.

The Jam Trio Bouquet from The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. encapsulates our joy in sharing and inclusion at the table, elevating everyday moments into memorable experiences.

Elevate your next gathering with the simple elegance of Mr. P's Jam Trio Bouquet.


      • Three (3) 11 oz (312 grams) jars

      Mr. P's Jams perfectly pairs with...

      • Pairs beautifully with goat cheese, brie, blue, mascarpone or triple creme cheese
      • Drizzle over plain yoghurt or a bowl of creamy vanilla ice-cream
      • Dollop on brioche, challah toast, biscuits, croissant or Trader Joe's Cracker Assortment
      • Layer into layers of crêpes

      Did you know that you can now order Menu Cards and Buffet Tags to coordinate with your place cards!

      • Vegan
      • Gluten Free
      • No artificial colors or flavors
      • No artificial sweeteners
      • 11 oz (312 grams)

      Shelf Life

      • Unopened: 24 months
      • Open & Refrigerated: 3 months

      Made in small gallon batches, by hand.

      • We aim to ship your order from our workshop in Old Chatham, New York in 10 days. Please order early enough to receive your items for your event.
      • Once your order ships, timely delivery is now the responsibility of the shipper.
      • You also control the speed (and cost) of shipping when you choose your preferred shipping method at checkout. If you need something overnight, please don't choose Ground. You can learn more about our shipping tips and shipping policy.
      • Due to the nature of food, NO RETURNS unless in error by us.

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