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Custom Gift Notes by The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co.


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Express your gratitude and charm your recipients with The Punctilious Mr. P's set of 18 'Blossoms' custom Gift Notes. These delightful notes allow you to personalize two lines with heartfelt greetings, thank you messages, special dates, or any sentiments you wish to convey. Whether it's newlyweds sending thank-you notes or corporate gifts, these stylish and chic custom gift notes are a surefire winner to let your recipients know that their chic gift is from you, adding an elegant touch to your best wishes. Explore other items in the Blossoms collection.

• Personalize your gift notes with your name and let your recipient know where their chic gift came from.

• 18 Gift Notes to a pack/ 3 image set

• See details in tabs below for additional info


  • Your customized text is repeated on all 18 cards.
  • Type in your verbiage for the top line, if needed.
  • Choose your font, or keep blank
  • Type in your verbiage for the bottom line, if needed.
  • Choose your font, or keep blank

• Did you know that you can now order any theme with Menu Cards and Buffet Tags that coordinate with your place cards!

      • 18 cards to a set
      • 3 image set
      • Size: 3.5" x 2.5" or 89mm x 51mm
      • Printed on sheet-fed cold-press cotton rag watercolor paper with archival Japanese inks
      • ALL cards printed custom & bespoke to order
      • NO RETURNS unless in error by us.
      • Made-by-hand in our workshop in Old Chatham, New York
      • Customize your gift tags with a personalized line at the top of the card and at the bottom, be it a salutation, your name, your family name, your company name, a special date, with compliments, or Always with joy, etc. so your recipient knows it's from you!
      • You can also leave your lines blank, if you with to personalize either line of your cards yourself.
      • We aim to ship your order from our workshop in Old Chatham, New York in 10 days. Please order early enough to receive your items for your event.
      • Once your order ships, timely delivery is now the responsibility of the shipper.
      • You also control the speed (and cost) of shipping when you choose your preferred shipping method at checkout. If you need something overnight, please don't choose Ground. You can learn more about our shipping tips and shipping policy.
      • ALL cards printed custom & bespoke to order. NO RETURNS unless in error by us.

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      Since 2018, The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. has distinguished itself by redefining the art of tablescaping with a blend of Southern charm and Chinoiserie chic. Our collections are more than just paper stationery; they are curated experiences that transform entertaining into a celebration of belonging and joy— allowing everyone a literal and figurative 'seat at the table.' Each product is a testament to tradition reimagined for the modern world, emphasizing inclusivity over antiquated formality.

      It is your embrace of our vision that inspires us to continue creating places of connection and celebration. For this, we are grateful to you.